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# 62 – Grimerica Talks to Joe Gallenberger Phdauthor of “Inner Vegas” – creating miracles, abundance and health”

Show notes for Joe Gallenberger, Ph.D

Interview starts at 33:33

Joe Gallenberger, Ph.D author of “Inner Vegas” – creating miracles, abundance and health” joins Darren and Graham in this episode. Joseph has been teaching at the Monroe Institute for many years. He’s practiced psychokinesis at the infamous PEAR lab and has been leading Las Vegas adventure workshops where you get to practice right at the craps tables in Las Vegas, his heart centered “Inner Vegas” techniques.  Learn about the Law of Attraction infused with telekinesis through his SyncCreation and about reaching strong altered states of consciousness and energy to enable physical and psychological healing. Joe chats with the guys about all of this stuff including his take on synchronicities and of course his recently released book “Inner Vegas”. Hemi-sync meditations have been talked about lots in Grimerica and Joe has developed his own classic yet contemporary version called “Liquid Luck”. Melt Fear with LOVE.

Darren and Graham chat about synchronicities and touch on some listener feedback about some of the more “out there” episodes of late. The Canadian third party synchro rating system has a go at a really good one from Dean Radin himself. It gets a little controversial in this intro…..

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Dean Radin’s major synchronicity

Old paracast episode debunking the Serpo story sent from Listener as discussed


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# 61 – Grimerica Talks to Rupert Sheldrake

Interview Starts Approx. 64:04

Rupert Sheldrake slides his way through the morphic field into Grimerica on this episode. Rupert, the author of “The Science Delusion” gives the guys an update on “The Campaign for Open Science” a new initiative he is involved in. Rupert is one of the leaders removing the cloak of dogma from the science community. The guys chat about moving on with science, the meaningful resonance of synchronicities, cosmic evolution, habit and creation, and automated telepathy tests. This short chat is loaded with great topics. Rupert will be on Vancouver Island this upcoming weekend at Hollyhock and in Victoria.

Red Pill Junkie joins the guys for the intro. Red Pill Junkie blogs for many great websites and his deep insights are welcomed all over the Fortean community. They talk about the potato salad kickstarter, big bird bones, and the CIA tweeting to explain old UFO flaps. Really!?!? OK, we admit it…. we lied back then, but believe us now. The second Grimerca MoneyBomb 50/50 gift is doled out. Nick is the winner and he chimes in for a few minutes.

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Grimerica Theme – Lock & Key

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