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#140 – Grimerica Talks Archeoacoustics & Earth Mysteries with Paul Devereux

Interview Starts 26:06
Paul Devereux is a researcher, presenter, artist, broadcaster and author of many things that interest us in
Grimerica. Hist latest books are Sacred Geography and Lucid Dreaming – How to Access your Inner Virtual Realities.
Paul’s main interest has been archeoacoustics, ancient lifeways and earth mysteries. He is also founding co-editor (with Neil Mortimer) of Time & Mind, a multidisciplinary peer reviewed journal covering topics glossed over or ignored by traditional journals in the realm of “earth mysteries” and the various “archeo” subjects.
We have a great chat with Paul about archeoacoustics, primary resonance, ancient civilizations, the physicality of sound waves, new age nonsense and lucid dreaming among many other topics.
Below is a quick summary of some of the projects Paul has been working on.
The overall aim of the Landscape and Perception project is to carry out a forensic audiovisual re-examination of Preseli, Avebury and Stonehenge in an attempt to return to the primary sensory status of prehistoric man, with a view to redefining landscape art and ‘cleansing the windows of perception’ for our digital times.
The Dragon Project was founded in 1977 (a Trust from 1988), to explore rumours about the power and properties of ancient, especially prehistoric, “sacred” places and monuments.
  • The study of physical, measurable energies at sites
  • The archaeology and anthropology of consciousness
  • Exploration of human biophysical and mental reactions and interactions at sites
  • Multi-sensory properties of sites, especially acoustical properties (archaeoacoustics)
In the intro Darren and Graham continue on about the now infamous blue ball phenomenon. Darren reads out the quote gathered by listeners from past episodes. Graham shares some listener synchronicities and feedback.
Links to stuff talked about in the show
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# 69 – Grimerica Talks to Alex Teplish and Emy Bitner


We welcome two graphic novel creators in this double Episode. Alex Teplish of “In the Beginning” and Emy Bitner of “Trying Human”.

Alex Teplish kicks off this double episode. He is the author of In the Beginning, The Epic of the Anunnaki. This graphic novel is based on some of the ancient alien / astronaut concepts. Follow the Anunnaki back 100’s of thousands of years on their ancient astronaut journey from Nibiru to Earth and their interactions with the genesis of humanity. After decades of interest and research Alex creates book 1 of 2.

Emy Bitner, extraordinary artist and creator of “Trying Human” graphic novel and web comic is in Grimerica for the second half of this double episode. UFO’s and abductions have always interested Emy. Her story revolves around Rose, an empathetic grey, and a funny reptoid who have infiltrated her life. Using her amazing talent to create this story woven with many topics discussed in Grimerica regularly like; black triangles, MIB’s, Secret Government Facilities, EBE’s, abductions, and much more.

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