# 58 – Grimerican Roundtables – Daniele Bolelli and Rich Evirs of The Drunken Taoist podcast

Grimerica Roundtables – Daniele Bolelli and Rich Evirs of “The Drunken Taoist” podcast along with Red Pill Junkie join the guys in this episode. With Coverage from every country in North America they talk about the state of their continent and the world. Floatation tanks, Space, Politics, podcasting and much more discussed in this episode.

Daniele Bolelli

Rich Evirs

The purge – Ethan Hawke

Altered States

Charlie Chaplin Clip – The Great Dictator. ONLY IF……

Eisenhower warns us of the Military Industrial Complex

Floatation Tank – Sensory Deprivation.

Red Pills of the Week at Mysterious Universe

Grimerica’s Moneybomb. Contribute to the show via 50/50 draw.


Grimerica Theme – Lock & Key

X Files Dub – Dubway Beatfresh

Country Rap Instrumental – Bigkrit

Pop It – Anamanaguchi

Jodie’s Lullaby – Alex H

Traveling Light – WJLP

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