#217 – Grimerica Talks “China Weird” with Carl Joseph DeMarco

interview starts 58:25

Author of China Weird, Carl Joseph DeMarco joins us to chat about his new book, and his research while living in China. We chat about how his interest in the strange started, Qi Gong, energy work, UFO’s, Yeren the chinese sasquatch, invisibility and much more.
We also get into shamanism, native americans, alternative history and the genealogy of the Chinese.
In the intro Graham get’s into some listener feedback about the last geoengineering segment and talks about the new Harvard study about to start up. And Efrain Palermo – our first ever guests joins us and we chat about his many interesting projects. Efrain discovered the Phobos Monolith so we chat about that a little bit. Thank you to all the listeners, especially for supporting the show and for sending in your feedback and stories.
See the links below for all the stuff we chatted about during the intro and the show: chinese youtube, kanas lake monster
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Grimerica Talks Sasquatch with Brian Brown of The Bigfoot Show


Brian Brown of “The Bigfoot Show” is in Grimerica. Finally talking about Sasquatch in  Grimerica. The Bigfoot Show is an occasionally produced, unscripted, unrehearsed, and sometimes moderately humorous discussion of the world of bigfoot. Brian Brown started the BFS and is also now on the board of directors of the North American Wood Ape Conservancy. Fortean Mind joins the guys as well, as the Sasquattle is his topic of choice. The guys chat about the sightings from North America of this elusive creature. Also, the high strangeness is brought up and the ethics of actually shooting and killing poor Sasq…..What is really going on in the back woods of North America.

In the Intro Darren and Graham talk about listener feedback (their first big Troll!) and stories along with a couple of synchronicities. Check out the Paradigm Symposium 2014 and donate to the Grimerica show via the 50/50 Moneybomb.

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Paradigm Symposium 2014


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