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#139 – Grimerica Talks Cancer Killing Cannabis Oil with Rick Simpson

Interview starts 45:55
Rick Simpson, maker of cancer killing cannabis oil – Phoenix Tears and title of his first book, recently published. His book detailing his challenges with finding out that an extract from the cannabis hemp plant can cure cancer and numerous other ailments and diseases.
Rick is obviously not in it for the fame or money and he has been helping others all over the world make their own healing oils. We chat about the different healing capabilities in the various strains and some of the different ways you can extract the oil from the green and the minimum amount you need for a decent extraction.
Rick will be in some upcoming documentaries and is actively spreading the good word about this healing oil that used to be a staple in doctors kits not long ago.
In the intro Efrain Palermo – the very first guest in Grimerica joins us to talk about his recent bitter sweet vindication with the NASA announcement about water on mars.
We also try the fortune cookie challenge after the synchro from local listener James…. and we talk about the mass false memory syndrome that seems to be going around that Jestin wrote about in his blog called Glitch in the Matrix.
Links to stuff we talked about in the intro and in the chat with Rick:
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# 22 – Grimerica Talks to Kevin Booth

Kevin Booth, filmmaker joins Darren and Graham to discuss the latest in the American drug war. Our drug culture is changing rapidly and it seems we are witnessing historic times in many ways. Kevin created both American Drug War 1 and 2, The Last White Hope and Cannabis Destiny. This is a heavy topic of course, so we try and keep it somewhat light….

In the intro the Grimerican’s chat about life in space from meteors, new book and guest ideas, and conspiracies heard on other podcasts regarding music and society.

Kevin Booth

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Life in space from meteors

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