#100 – Terry Ray – World Wide Invasion of the Orange Orbs

Terry Ray, author of , “The Complete Story of the World Wide Invasion of the Orange Orbs”  You don’t have to go far to hear about someone you know that has seen an Orange/Red orb. Terry maps out this global phenom, studies it and is not afraid to make some assertions as to what may be behind this mystery. Terry is a former military pilot, trial lawyer, law professor and is currently a novelist and MUFON field investigator.

They chat about Terry’s own sighting that kickstarted this recent obsession of his. And the guys are the first to find out about the 2014 stats. This is a great conversation about an underrated analysis on a10 specific type of prevalent UFO sighting. This type of research could really only be done in the last few years, so thank Gods someone is doing it!


Graham and Darren solo in the intro…. Graham talks about a couple of local Orb sightings from friends of theirs. Profound UFO quote, listener Trip Reports and lucid nightmares are shared. Thanks for all the recent feedback, the amazing iTunes reviews are really helping.

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# 72 – Grimerica Talks to Micah Hanks 2.0

Micah “mouth of the south” Hanks is back in Grimerica. Micah is the author of “Ghost Rockets”, “UFO Singularity”, and “Magic, Mysticism, and the Molecule”. He’s the host of The Gralien Report, The Micah Hanks show on KGRA and co-host of recently revived Middle Theory podcast and The Paranormal Report. The fellas chat about why Micah is pissing off the UFO community and how he’s seeing research go underground.  The Nazi resource and technology potential is discussed along with fellow Grimerican – Sasq. The question is “to kill, or not to kill” the big guy and cooperation vs competition.  Check out what is new with Micah and what research is he up to now.


It’s Darren and Graham in the intro chatting about the good and the bad about hot yoga, the first Oculus Rift DK2 Virtual Reality experience in Grimerica and the upcoming Paradigm Symposium 2014. They also welcome a gaggle of countries into the Compassionate Hegemony of Grimerica. If you are local to the Igloo in Grimerica check out the retreat from Joanne Bean at Asani Healing in Drumheller.

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