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#164 – Grimerica Talks Festivals, Music, & Unified Field Theory with Jamie Janover

Interview Starts 53:12

Jamie Janover has been teaching the unified field theory of Nassim Haramein’s and the Resonance Project. He is also a very accomplished musician and is a self taught expert player of the hammered dulcimer. He’s an innovator that is merging art, science and spirit together.
We chat about the science of vibration, and how everything is all connected. Nassim is finally getting some recognition for his years worth of research. We also chat about free energy, sacred geometry and the flower of life, cymatics and the resonant frequency of humans as well as music and the festival culture. There IS a large group of people that are focusing on oneness and positivity and not just watching the Lamestream negative news and media.
In the intro Graham gets into his “Weather Modification” segment and goes through some of the summary and conclusions of the 1978 senate report called ‘Weather Modification, Programs, Problems, Policy, and Potential. As usual we have some listener feedback and synchronicities to share. Check out the links below to local NA meet up, the TV show casting call, and for stuff we chatted about in the show and the intro. Please also check out links below on how to help out the show and help us upgrade our old recording computer.
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# 71 – Grimerica Talks to Rene DeFazio and Tamara Veitch, authors of “One Great Year”

Rene DeFazio and Tamara Veitch, authors of “One Great Year” share their story in Grimerica for this great episode. This book is a fantastic adventure of intertwined souls deeply in love, the darkness that balances the light, ancient knowledge – mystery schools, a world that may have been, synchronicities and symbolism, and of course reincarnating thought the cycle of the One Great Year.

Rene and Tamara chat with the guys about what influenced them to write this book. Lots of what you hear already in Grimerica… ancient sites, sacred geometry, tree and flower of life, Atlantis, consciousness, synchronicities and much more. We are looking forward to reading the sequel and seeing this on the big screen one day.





Links to topics and other researchers and inspirations from episode:



Tree of life = Nassim Haramein


Shambhala, the book:


Ian Stevenson’s reincarnation research


Hamlet’s Mill


Thomas Cambell’s My Big Toe


In the intro Darren and Graham talk about extending the moneybomb another month…. but still gifting back minimum $100 to one of you. Contribute to the show via the 50/50 Moneybomb link below. The guys chat about Fermilab testing our 3d holographic reality, the news from Ripperology on Jack, The UFO quote of the week, and the upcoming Paradigm Symposium 2014.

Graham tries reading his friends crazy space war dream but get’s the kibosh. They also get into some feedback and the first voicemail. Review The Grimerica Show on itunes, youtube, or grimerica.ca and leave a voicemail with your stories, synchronicities or feedback. Thanks for listening!!

Link to Fermilab article – which is not the exact same one they talk about. That one seems to have disappeared. Gist is the same though….


Paradigm Symposium 2014


Grimerica 50/50 Moneybomb


Ripperologists have the skinny on Jack



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