Cloud Mummies v.13

For lucky issue 13, I wanted to invite a very special guest into the Breadverse. Please join me in welcoming everyone’s favorite matriarch, Ma Dunlop!

Ma Dunlop will be assisting me in hiding my Easter Eggs, since these sequences without much background make it pretty tough! There are 7 total. Be on the lookout for:

  1. A wooden spoon
  2. The “G” from Ma Dunlop’s ring of power
  3. A hair curler
  4. The word “NASAW” (Dunlopian prononuciation of NASA)
  5. The word “NASAW” again.
  6. A pot leaf (Darren’s on the goofballs don’cha know.)
  7. The Moai logo

DISCLAIMER: Ma Dunlop is a fictional character and not meant as an accurate representation of persons who at present or in the past have given birth to Graham. Graham’s mother is a saint!



  1. A wooden spoon

  1. The “G” from Ma Dunlop’s ring of power

  1. A hair curler

  1. The word “NASAW” (Dunlopian prononuciation of NASA)

  1. The word “NASAW” again.

  1. A pot leaf (Darren’s on the goofballs don’cha know.)

  1. The Moai logo

























































































































#103 Bonus – Grimerica Talks to Eve Lorgen

#103 – Eve Lorgen, and the “Love Bite” and “The Dark Side of Cupid”. Most of us know someone who has had unexplained experiences that have possibly lead to trauma. Eve is an author, researcher and consultant of Anomalous Trauma. She offers hypnotherapy and coaching services local and distant to help others deal with these strange experiences.

She is hosting a round table discussion called “Love Bite – The Dark Side of Cupid” coming up on Feb 28, 2015 at 6:00pm est. through RISE Multiversity

Eve is a UFO/Alien/Milab abduction researcher and also has her Masters in Counseling Psychology. The discussion starts with Eve’s history and the discovery of the darker forces playing Cupid, and some of the reasons they may be doing so. They also get into succubus and incubus demonic type encounters.

It’s good to know there are consultation, counseling and support services out there for folks who have experienced anomalous trauma and may be suffering from PTSD. Who knows when the Mainstream will accept the “something” real is going on here and that seems to be only exacerbating the situation.

Eve talks about these being complex issues and it’s not a simple black of white problem. Eve, as well as the guys in Grimerica – try to stay away from extreme polarized views of this phenomenon. They chat about the many ways people can start the healing from this trauma, including introspection, hypnosis, group therapy, counseling, past lives, and getting back to shamanic and aboriginal healing modalities of dreamwork and dreamtime through holographic kinetics – just to name a few.





In this short intro, it’s just Darren and Graham and the usual feedback, ripple sticks, synchro’s and UFO quote of the week except add a nice little “Trip Report” sent in from a listener.

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Grimerica Talks Peruvian Shamanism with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada


Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, author of “Lessons in Courage – Peruvian Shamanic Wisdom for Everyday Life” joins the guys today in Grimerica. Oscar originated the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of cross cultural shamanism and is the visionary founder of The Healer of The Heart (THOTH) Alliance. In this very open and non-dogmatic conversation the guys discuss sacred sites, shamanic traditions and rituals, encounters with light beings, dreamtime, healing, synchronicities and the power of simple spiritual principles.







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Southern Alberta Medicine Wheel or Stonehenge?!?


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Grimerica Talks to Philip Comella – The Collapse of Materialism – Visions of Science, Dreams of God


Philip Comella, author of “The Collapse of Materialism – Visions of Science, Dreams of God” joins Darren and Graham tonight in Grimerica. In this book Philip demonstrates how the paranormal, philosophy, science and religion are all pointing us to a raising of consciousness and growing awareness that we are more than just meat and potatoes. Together, we dream the world and the stars!  Philip is a lawyer and visionary futurist and the fellas chat about the changing paradigm, the explosion of new books, the Tao and trouble with physics, dreamtime, and the logical path to spirituality.





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Red Pill Junkie is in Grimerica for this intro. Red talks about some changes to his blogging career and his recent Gnostic review of Graham’s Hancock’s latest book “War God”. They chat about Salt and voodoo circles, listener feedback, precog synchro’s and the upcoming Paradigm Symposium 2014.

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Red Pill Junkie’s Junk!





Paradigm Symposium 2014


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