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#122 – Grimerica Talks Alberta’s Hidden Stonehenge with Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman, author of Hidden Stonehenge – Ancient Temple in North America Reveals the Key to Ancient Wonders. Gordon has discovered lunar and solar calendars at ancient sites right in Grimerica’s back yard. Canada’s stone henge predates, the UK’s and the great pyramids. This great book is the result of Gordon’s 30 year quest to understand these ancient sites.
Gordon Freeman, Ph.D is now Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta and for 40 years has been pioneering disciplinary studies in chemistry, physics, and human societies. Besides his academic credentials from 3 universities, he was Chairman of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry for 10 years and Director of the Radiation Research Center for 30 years at the University of Alberta.
After Decades of research Gordon joins us and we chat about all kinds of stuff including ancient nerds, chemical kinetics, dogmatic science and the lack of understanding about ancient sites and culture that still pervades our society. And of course we talk about the solar and lunar calendars at Stonehenge and at ancient sites in Alberta.
Darren and Graham chat about some listener synchronicities and feedbacl. Graham talks about the email missed during the remote viewing reveal, talking about 2 Eiffel Towers!! Sorry listener Mark and thanks for involving your friends and colleagues. 2 hits!!
Thanks Bren for the synchro, looking forward to your upcoming book Larger Than Truth, link below:
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# 19 – Grimerica Talks to Frank Joseph

Frank Joseph, author of “Before Atlantis” and many other books joins the Grimerican’s on this episode. Warning….. If you are an archeologist, you won’t want to listen to this. If you are learning to be an archeologist you really want to listen to this.

Darren and Graham chat with Frank about human evolution with a bit of a twist. Loads of evidence often overlooked about global megalithic seafaring cultures and what they have left in their wake. And then more stuff goes way way back thus the title of his latest book.  Maybe Revolving in and out the oceans over time has uniquely made us who we are as humans.


Frank’s current books on Amazon

His new book coming in October 2013 “Lost Colonies of Ancient America”

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