#105 – Grimerica Talks Hidden Mathematics in the Giza Plateau with Ed Nightingale

#105, Edward  Nightingale, author of “The Giza Template – Temple Graal, Earth Measure” Find out what has been encoded in the Giza Plateau.  After years of research Ed has amassed all of his fascinating data into a book. As John Anthony West says…. this book is – the Architectural Rosetta Stone. Ed presented at Paradigm Symposium last year and Laird Scranton has contributed to this book.

The guys chat about the Genesis of Ed’s research, where did these temple and monument plans come from, the math and geometry behind the plateau, and speculations about global correlations. It’s obvious we are just starting to realize how advanced our ancient ancestors were and this work really shows how many principles went into the designs of the past.

This is a very visual topic that is hard to present in audio format, so get Ed’s book and you won’t be disappointed.

Red Pill Junkie joins Darren and Graham in this intro. RPJ comes out of the closet, so to say about Mr. Rogers…. And Darren has started Randall Carlson’s Sacred Geometry classes. Graham shares some listener lucid dreams, trip reports and synchronicities.

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Check out the Paradigm Symposium 2015. We will be there again!! Year 4

# 77 – Grimerica Goes to Paradigm 2014 take 4 – Edward Nightingale & Laird Scranton

Laird Scranton and Edward Nightingale are in Grimerica for another episode recorded live at the Paradigm Symposium 2014 Minneapolis Minnesota, Oct 2-5 at The Women’s Club.

Laird has a couple of books coming out and his latest book released is “China’s Cosmological Prehistory – The Sophisticated Science Encoded in Civilizations Earliest Symbols”, which his presentation at this year’s Paradigm was focused on. Laird’s research into ancient symbolism and culture is deep and fascinating.

Edward Nightingale presented a new mathematical perspective of the Giza plateau. His book is “The Giza Template” Truly mind opening and fascinating, it’s really starting to show the builders in this era were more sophisticated and intellectual then we have thought. He shows the root of the measuring system, how those numbers are derived and the relationship to the speed of light.

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Check out the Paradigm Symposium 2015. We will be there again!! Year 4


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