Cloud Mummies v.26

Sooo, pterodactyls injuries aren’t that big of a deal right?

This week’s installment brings you seven spicy Easter Eggs, including 3 shout outs that steadfast Grimerican and international man of mystery Todd Marco, who all the kids are talking about. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a guest appearance by a preternaturally shapely calf. Read More

Cloud Mummies v.18

So, it looks like The Robert might not be condemned to death by balloon, but is he really in the clear?

7 Easter Eggs in this one and a special shout out to fellow blogger, and bundle of joy Fortean Mind!

Fortean Mindset, the cuddliest lil’ flying brain ever!


Hidden aliens are among us, just saying.

This lil’ UFO even fooled Felix! Sneaky n’est-ce pas?



Tiny precious moai… who is probably strawberry flavoured.


skull tears

spitting ufos



Cloud Mummies v.13

For lucky issue 13, I wanted to invite a very special guest into the Breadverse. Please join me in welcoming everyone’s favorite matriarch, Ma Dunlop!

Ma Dunlop will be assisting me in hiding my Easter Eggs, since these sequences without much background make it pretty tough! There are 7 total. Be on the lookout for:

  1. A wooden spoon
  2. The “G” from Ma Dunlop’s ring of power
  3. A hair curler
  4. The word “NASAW” (Dunlopian prononuciation of NASA)
  5. The word “NASAW” again.
  6. A pot leaf (Darren’s on the goofballs don’cha know.)
  7. The Moai logo

DISCLAIMER: Ma Dunlop is a fictional character and not meant as an accurate representation of persons who at present or in the past have given birth to Graham. Graham’s mother is a saint!



  1. A wooden spoon

  1. The “G” from Ma Dunlop’s ring of power

  1. A hair curler

  1. The word “NASAW” (Dunlopian prononuciation of NASA)

  1. The word “NASAW” again.

  1. A pot leaf (Darren’s on the goofballs don’cha know.)

  1. The Moai logo

























































































































Cloud Mummies Vol.12

Hey There! Just a quick note this time:There are 8 Easter Eggs in this one… one of which is a bonus, (hint, it’s my nickname, Nap) HOORAY!!!! Now get to reading.


Panel 1: Alien face in hair

Panel 1: UFO on balloon

Panel 3: “Patty” The Patterson Gimlin sasquatch

Panel 3:Dunlop (as in Graham) on shoe.

Panel 4: Grimerica in cleavage

Panel 4: Nap in the shorts

Panel 5: Don’t take the shot!

Panel 5: Grimerica logo


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