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Grimerica Talks to Caleb Hanks

Darren and Graham talk to Caleb Hanks of The Gralien Report, and the creator of the new web comic GrayStreet.
Hear it here first, breaking news from the Gralien Report. The guys chat about Caleb’s contribution to the show and how he and his brother got interested in all these interesting topics.
Click on the links below for the topics discussed during the intro and the chat.

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Grant Cameron’s website
Genetic Roulette movie click on amazon
The Gralien Report

Gray Street web comic
Caleb’s old band
Caleb and Micah’s band
KGRA radio network
The micah hanks radio program
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Mariposa – Spag Heddy

Monsta – Bone N Skin

As Colourful as Ever – Broke for Free

Ready to Strike – Josh Mon

Grimerica Talks to Dr. Philip Metzger

In the intro, the Grimerican’s talk briefly about the newest NSA scandal. Check out Dan Carlin’s “Common Sense” podcast for a balanced view. The guys were recently on “The Nat and Marie Podcast”. Check out this great new web culture podcast!
Darren and Graham have a fascinating chat with Phil Metzger, Senior Research Physicist for NASA’s KSC Swamp Works. It’s hard to tell the difference between science fiction and science fact in this episode.
They talk about Phil’s NASA awards and how his positive attitude, teamwork and initiative enabled him to create his own lab “Swamp Works”. Phil mentions how they plan on mining space and the collaboration between all the leading edge space mining companies. It’s truly an inspiring tale about everything from inspiring young people to work hard in science, turning space matter into water for radiation shielding, or 3d printing of metal equipment converted directly from extra planetary soil.
How are we going to hunt down asteroids and lasso them into the moon’s orbit? Listen to Phil tell Grimerica how its’ going to be done. Find out what we think about UFO’s, the Fermi paradox, and robotic space mining competitions and much much more.
get “The Precipice”, Book 1 of the Asteroid Wars – Ben Bova.
Get “Enders Game” by Orson Scott Card.
Favorite narrators, Stephan Rudnicky and Scott Brick!
Dan Carlin’s “Common Sense” podcast
“The Nat and Marie Podcast”


Bass Talk – Syncian & Ruffio

Colourful as Ever – Broke For Free

Reign at Night – Wolf Saga

Imogen Heap – Headlock

Grimerica Talks to Dr. Stanley Krippner


Red Pill Junkie joins Darren and Graham for his first of many news and fortean updates. The guys chat about the NSA/Intelligence data capturing Orwellian state of America. Bradley Manning Trial and the US Navy checking out UFO type websites.

Graham talks about the movie People vs. The state of Illusion. RPJ counters with Carlos Castaneda works. Entheogens comes up again!! And the guys talk about trying them to expand consciousness. And of course the Bilderberg meeting comes up and how they have published a list of attendees.

Other strange news…….55 million year old primate skeleton discovered.

Walking Dead actress arrested by FBI

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D is this episode’s guest. They talk about his new book,

The voice of Rolling Thunder – A Medicine Man’s Wisdom for walking the Red Road. Co-written with Sidian Morning Star Jones.

They discuss decades of journey’s and adventures in Dream Lab research, Spirituality, Shamanism, placebos, Hanging out with Rolling Thunder and The Grateful Dead among many other things.

The voice of Rolling Thunder – A Medicine Man’s Wisdom for walking the Red Road

Dream Telepathy

Tangentially Speaking podcast by Christopher Ryan Ph.D

Blackfoot Physics

The Monroe Institute

Saybrook University

Home Page


Cylonn – NastyNasty

16 – Donkey Power

Bring it Down – Emalkay(DKS Remix)

Grimerica Talks to Micah Hanks


The Guys talk with Micah Hanks in this 3rd episode of The Grimerica Show.

After discussing the technical difficulties Graham and Darren talk about the two Orb video’s posted on the website. Upcoming guests and the the latest books, “The Voice of Rolling Thunder” by Stanley Krippner and Sidian Morning Star Jones and “The Brotherhood of the screaming Abyss” by Dennis McKenna.  Also Robbie Graham and Check out his interview on spacing out ep.44.

With Micah, the chatted about his latest guest, Mark D’Antonio from The Gralien Report.

USO’s (unidentified submersible Objects) were discussed and Darren and Micah got into the Shag Harbour case and the Richard French conundrum.

Micah and the Grimerican’s discuss everything from new iphone app’s for tracking satellites, consciousness expanding Entheogen’s (psychedelic salon podcast and  and Micah’s first book “Magic, Mysticism, and the Molecule”, technology in the ever increasing police state, and the effect on the future of UFOlogy due to the technological singularity drawing nearer and nearer in Micah’s newest book the “The UFO Singularity”.

We also mention the upcoming Paradigm Symposium 2013.




Phonia and Flore – Capture

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Peter Alargic – Usaaagi Usagi



Mr Roboto – Styx



Grimerica talks to Red pill Junkie

Darren and Graham chat with RPJ (Red Pill Junkie), the prolific Fortean blogger and writer.

They chat about the Mars Phoenix anniversary

New site is up and running already.

Guys are reading Micah Hank’s book the UFO Singularity in prep for the upcoming interview.

This is the Tardy and somewhat untimely intro as Darren managed to delete the original.

RPJ talks about his Forteana beginnings at and now onto and

Chat of the new star trek movie subtly warming us up for contact is small d disclosure happening now. Many more thoughts and discussion on UFO Disclosure.

Robbie Graham’s work at

Neil Degrasse Tyson computer code talked about on Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Where does RPJ get his dose of the mainstream?

The guys all discuss some aspects of their own sightings

The tourists gathering in Mexico for the Mayan apocalypse 2012….

What do you tell your kids when they happen to see strange things in the night?

RPJ and the Grimerican’s are excited about RPJ dropping in on a regular basis for a little update about what’s going on out there in Fortean phenomenon.

Follow Red Pill Junkie here


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Grimerica and Efrain Palermo

Heres the show Feed 


In the very first chapter Darren and Graham discuss how they became interested in recording their own podcast. They talk about the UFO sightings that each of them had and about some of the favorite podcasts they listen to.

Mars one is discussed and Graham wants to sign up and Darren thinks it’s a scam.

Chat with Efrain Palermo

Efrain and the Grimerican’s discuss the stains on Mars and the monolith on Phobos. How much research and investigation Efrain put into Mars and how he was vindicated many years later by an article in Astronomy Magazine confirming his hypothesis. Unfortunately he received ziltch/zero/nada credit for the many hours labouring over a dial up connection in the late 90’s!!

Efrain also mentions for the first time publicly, a plan that he is putting in place that may help the minions of our lonely planet out in this regard.

Mars anomalies podcast



The Grimerica Show


Production on The Grimerica Show podcast has begun, the show will be a collection of conversations with the most interesting people we can find; Look for our first chapter with Efrain Palermo by the end of the month.  Future guests include, Red Pill Junkie, Micah Hanks, Scotty Roberts, Stanley Krippner, Dennis Mckenna, Marie D. Jones, Andrew Nicholson, and more…
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